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Part 4 - Mehran Keshe Talks Plasma With MrfixitRick March 5th


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"If people look in second-hand shops and scrap-yards, they can make these systems for themselves." - MT Keshe

Part 4 of this discussion continues with nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation and Mrfixitrick's Keshe Study Group, with such plasma reactor topics as vacuum and turbo-molecular pumps, purpose of the vacuum dump chamber, and hose glowing issues. Cleanliness and the hydrogen flush technique are discussed.

Follow the Keshe Foundation Forum thread about this "first public workshop teaching program" at:

Keshe Foundation main website:

Folks are donating at MrfixitRick's GoFundMe site so that we can continue with the Keshe Plasma Reactor Project:

Thanks to Joan and Ainda for the music. Joan says if you buy any CD at, and add the code "PLASMA REACTOR DONATE", the money will be a donation to my reactor research!