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Part 2 - Mehran Keshe Talks Plasma With MrfixitRick March 5th


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Part 2 continues the Skype conversation with Mr Keshe about multiple plasma reactor fields, then further details are revealed, such as how to kick-start a plasma reactor with a 9-volt rechargeable battery! ;)

We are all very grateful to Mr Keshe for taking the time for our 2-hour Skype call...starting at 6 am his time! It was an honour to be involved in what has become the first Keshe public workshop teaching program, and we expect to make it a monthly event.

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Interested in forming a plasma reactor group, but don't know where to begin.? I'd suggest that folks call and talk to LadyDragon if you are new to this technology and anxious to get started. She can help put the clues together. Contact her at

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