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Part 8 - Mehran Keshe Talks Plasma With MrfixitRick March 5th


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"These systems are like mistresses...they attract you in different ways!" - MT Keshe

More great information from MT Keshe on plasma reactor construction and running. Some technical details discussed by Mr Keshe include: plasma reactor setup and safety, use of an isolation table, protection of the vacuum pump, and the creation of new life-forms (!).

This is the final instalment of this "first public training workshop" of the Keshe Foundation.

To learn more about Plasma Reactors,visit or sign up at the Keshe Foundation Forum:

Keshe Foundation:

Keshe Foundation Youtube site:

Here's MrfixitRick's GoFundMe donation site to help the Plasma Reactor Project...

Music by EJ Gold "School Days"