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Part 6 - Mehran Keshe Talks Plasma With MrfixitRick March 5th


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"With that system, you could produce enough energy to run your lab."
- MT Keshe

This Part 6 with Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation and MrfixitRick's Plasma Reactor Group, discusses the process of matter formation and various health aspects. Keshe responds to MrfixitRick showing his vacuum chambers and reactors.

MrfixitRick shows high-voltage as a way to learn more about the nature of plasma, while realizing it is not the correct method of activating the Keshe plasma reactor.

Mr Keshe addresses a question asked by Paul, "What kind of experiments can we do, to work more towards the Keshe technology?"

Keshe Foundation website

Music "Magrav Fields Feel" courtesy Ainda