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  1. The Academic Senate of the University of California

  2. passed an Open Access Policy in July 2013
  3. ensuring that future research articles
  4. authored by faculty at all 10 UC campuses
  5. will be made publicly available
  6. at no charge.
  7. This means you can now share your work
  8. broadly and easily with anyone in the world
  9. And that means:
  10. greater recognition of your research
  11. more thorough engagement with your ideas
  12. and an increase in scientific, scholarly,
  13. and critical knowledge in our world.
  14. So what do you need to do?
  15. Faculty at UC Irvine, UCLA, or UCSF
  16. should deposit all articles published after July 24, 2013
  17. in eScholarship, UC's open access repository.
  18. Faculty on other campuses may also deposit
  19. but are not required to until next fall.
  20. Deposit is simple.
  21. Select your campus
  22. enter a few identifying details about your material
  23. such as title, author name(s), and discipline
  24. and upload a copy of your article.
  25. If your article is already openly available
  26. just let us know where.
  27. And if you need a waiver, embargo,
  28. or Creative Commons license, we can help with that.
  29. Finally, stay tuned
  30. for a new publication harvesting tool
  31. that will make your participation in this policy
  32. even easier!
  33. To get started or learn more
  34. visit: