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BuddyPress 1.7 Preview - Boone Gorges


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Boone Gorges previews BuddyPress 1.7 at WordPress NYC Meetup on January 15 2013.

BuddyPress is the popular social network plugin for WordPress. If you're not familiar with BuddyPress you can check out our community site:

BP 1.7 is just around the corner, and promises to be the best version of BuddyPress yet. In this presentation, you'll learn about some of BP 1.7's biggest improvements, including:

* Theme Independence. Starting with 1.7, BP will work out of the box with any WordPress theme. We'll talk about how this works, and what it'll mean for BuddyPress users and consultants.
* Group Management tools: BP 1.6 introduced admin tools for managing Activity items, and BP 1.7 will feature a similar UI for managing groups and their members.
* Full integration of bbPress 2.x: In BP 1.7, we'll finally say goodbye to the old standalone bbPress setup for group forums, in favor of the streamlined, flexible bbPress 2.x WP plugin.
Improved scalability and speed: We've overhauled the way that certain queries work, so that BP can scale to hundreds of thousands of users,and beyond.

If you're a seasoned BP pro, learn what 1.7 will mean for you. If you're just BP-curious, find out why there's been no better time to check out BuddyPress.

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