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Lokesh Video Entry


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Lokesh Todi's entry for the VODKA ROCKS! video contest. Full contest details can be found here:

About Lokesh: I am a filmmaker from Mumbai, India. I take interest in all departments of film-making... both technical and creative. My ambitions are to make and write good films.

I have been working on short films, music videos, and ads. My mom's conviction in me keeps me inspired me to do interesting work. I have taken many courses in various departments of film-making and I love to work with FCP and Mark II. I really enjoyed working with the Vodka Rocks track because I thought it was hot, hippy, oomphy, and tangy all in one! My video is inspired by "By Today's Generation, For Today's Generation, Of Today's Generation."

I hope that my work brings a smile rather than tears on people's faces.

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