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Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) Review


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The Whynter (ARC-14S) is another AC unit from Whynter reason this product receives high expectation from consumers. In this review we are going to go through why it is the only choice many of them. This product has high quality and great value for your buck. The ARC 14S takes the place of window units since it is more efficient than them. You will discover that your area gets extremely cold with this AC unit. This product also saves electricity since you can power it on for a few minutes and turn it off. You are going to find out that it will not take long before this can cool your home.

This product can also be converted into a fan once your room gets cool enough for you. Apart from that this product is also nice looking and it is easy to setup, standing 3 feet on its built in casters. It has a very sleek appearance that can fit perfectly into your living room without the necessity of having it stand out.

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This product has all needed accessories to have it working as soon as it’s setup. What also separates this product from other units is its capacity to work quietly, without disturbing your sleep usually caused by a noisy AC unit. Apart from that it also comes with a carbon filter, helping eliminate bad odor. This AC unit is also meant to cool a room of up to 500 square feet.

One suggestion is to have it upstairs where the temperature is always high. Aside from that it also has its own remote control that allows you to take full charge of the AC. It has three fan levels, temperature control, and a timer. The Whynter (ARC-14S) is a powerful portable AC that gives an efficient and silent cooling in any spot of your home, without needing to permanently set it up in one place.

Whynter (ARC-14S) Features

Comes with 3 functional modes (fan, dehumidifier, and air conditioner)
Has a full temperature control setting, and a 24-hour timer
Includes a dehumidifying function of 101 pints per day
Comes with 3 fan speed settings
Built in casters for mobility
Dual hose system for quick cooling
Cools a room of up to 500 square feet
Works silently and efficiently
Includes a plastic window kit, cleanable pre-filter and carbon air filter

Whynter (ARC-14S) Reviews

After researching online on different AC units in the market today, I came across this excellent one that receives great reviews from consumers. I got curious in finding out what they have to say about this AC unit from Whynter. Many customers are pleased to have this air conditioning unit for their homes because this product works efficiently and quietly. They are saying that this product meets their expectation for a product that works silently and efficiently. They are also noting on the built in casters that come with the product, allowing them to move it in any spot of their homes.

Many customers are also saying this product cools a room fast, and they can turn it off after a while once they achieved the temperature they desire. They are also claiming that this product is a practical buy since it comes with a dehumidifier, a fan, and an air con. They are also noting on the big savings they are having on electricity cost due to the unit’s capacity to cool their space for a short time.

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