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We need your help to keep this ad on TV. Please contribute at Carl Sciortino is a Democrat running in the special election for Massachusetts' 5th Congressional District. The Primary Election is October 15, 2013.

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  1. – I'm Carl Sciortino, and I'll never forget that conversation with my dad.

  2. – That's me!
  3. – Where I had to come out and tell him...
  4. – Wait for this...
  5. – ...that I was a Massachusetts liberal.
  6. – And he's proud of it!
  7. – Dad's in the Tea Party.
  8. – Damn right!
  9. – [laughs]
  10. – It was bad enough, him picking on the big banks and corporations in the legislature.
  11. – They weren't paying their fair share in taxes.
  12. – And he wrote the buffer zone law!
  13. – To protect women entering abortion clinics from harassment.
  14. – It's gone all the way to the supreme court!
  15. I was kind of proud of that.
  16. – But here's the one that drives him crazy.
  17. – He wants to go to Congress to take on the NRA and the Tea Party!
  18. – I won't give up on an assault weapons ban.
  19. – Or universal background checks, or banning high-capacity magazines...
  20. – There are some things you don't stop fighting for.
  21. – [sighs]
  22. – Also, the right to choose, equal pay for women,
  23. and equal rights for... well, everybody.
  24. – He's been like this for 35 years.
  25. – That's why I approve this message!
  26. And I still love you, Dad.
  27. – Me too, son.