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"Lord Smoke and the Merchant" by William S. Annis


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4 Languages

This is a version with added "karaoke" subtitles of "Lord Smoke and the Merchant" by William S. Annis, who is the sole right holder, who chose the license for this video. For more information about the original, see the "a little conanthropology (conthropology?)" discussion on the CONLANG mailing list: From and . the constructed language of the story seems to be Kahtsaai

About the CC (closed captions) captions/subtitles that can be activated by clicking the CC button in the player's navigation bar: on vimeo, their languages have to be selected from a set list. So I chose:
- English for the English translation
- Kalaalisut for the original captions (because it was the option closest to Kahtsaai)
- Português for the phonetic transcription (because the language code is PT)
- Southern Soto for the structural translation (for no good reason, really)
All these CC captions/subtitles can be improved from the subtitling subpages of . Same issue of a set language list to select from there too, but at least Amara also offers some not-used "meta" languages So the subpages are:
- Metadata: Geo for original captions
- English for the English subtitles
- Metadata: Twitter for the phonetic transcript
- Metadata: Wikipedia for the structural translation.