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Danby DPAC12010H Portable Air Conditioner Review


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The Danby Portable Air Conditioner is a 3-in-1 home comfort system combining air conditioning, a fan, and humidifying functions. It’s an attractive looking air conditioner that can efficiently cool a floor area of 500 sq. ft, making it a great option for small to medium sized homes. It comes with a 4-way air direction that ensures maximum spatial coverage. This model has a dual intake hose which efficiently draws fresh air in and expels stale air out.

There are three cooling speed options (high, medium and low) and two output directions (upward and forward). The Danby Portable Air Conditioner quickly produces sufficient amount of condensate, enabling it to cool a room fast. Moisture is collected and condensed in a bucket during operation. The internal bucket can store up to 3 liters, while the external bucket can hold up to 15 liters so you don’t have to empty it often. offers the best deals on Danby Portable Air Conditioner. For more details about such deals, click here.

An optional drainage hose is available for those who want to use the AC as a dehumidifier.

The Danby Portable Air Conditioner is installation-ready; all the parts needed to set up the home A/C system are in the box. The Danby Portable Air Conditioner comes with handle type grips on the sides as well as casters for moving the unit from one place to another. A remote control is used to change settings.

Danby DPAC12010H Portable Air Conditioner Features and Specifications:
12000 BTU cooling capacity and dual host system for more efficient cooling performance
Classy design with aluminum finish for quick and easy care
Comes with direct drain/ dehumidifier option
Rigid/ slide out filter
Easy installation, quick connect internal and external buckets
Electronic controls/ LED display with remote control for quick change of settings
Choice of platinum or black chassis
Comes with window kit and patio door installation kit

Danby DPAC12010H Portable Air Conditioner Reviews:

Most customer reviews show that the Danby Portable Air Conditioner is a reliable and efficient AC system. Despite its bulky frame, the unit comes with classic look that makes it a great addition to any living space. Customers have noted that the unit is not “light” in the true sense of the word but it easily moves on its casters. The unit can be mounted on a window or, if you have crank windows, on your patio door.

A step-by-step installation process helps new owners set up the AC easily and quickly. What impresses customers the most is the speed with which it cools a room. Customers also attest that the Danby Portable Air Conditioner efficiently cools a living space of 500 sq. ft. and even more. Customers recommend the Danby Portable Air Conditioner to people looking for a relatively quiet AC system that does not require to be mounted on a window.

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If there’s any feature that customers find unsatisfactory about the Danby Portable Air Conditioner, it’s the placement of the LED display. As it is located on top of the unit, users need to know the settings beforehand or get closer to the unit if they want to change the settings. Also, the battery holder on the remote control is secured by screws, which poses some inconveniences during battery change.

People with casement windows in their homes might also want to look for other Danby models, the portable air conditioner fits sliding windows and patio doors only.

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