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Global Translator Community Hangout with Daphne Koller


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UPDATE Elias Bildner, who originally uploaded the video of the hangout to YouTube, has now made it unavailable. As a result, it not only does not work here any longer, but this also prevented the activation of the transcript generated by the captions.

In order to allow this activation, the URL of a "placeholder" YouTube video has been added to this page. Captions look a bit silly on a blank video, but at least the transcript now works.


Original YouTube description:
"Daphne will share a bit about her story and the story of Coursera, and take questions from the crowd."
About the subtitle tracks, presently (2014-07-28):
- "English" subtitles.
- "Metadata: Geo" subtitles: for adding synchronized annotations about the verbal content of the hangout. Explanation under "Description" in .
- "Metadata: Twitter": for Ms Koller's part (2:19 -> 33:34): obsolete - now merged with "English" subtitles.